We hope you’ll enjoy pictures of the many events at St. Peter’s throughout the year!

Fall Cleanup

2014 Plant Sale

2014 Bishop's 5k

2013 Pentecost

2013 Plant Sale

2013 Christmas Fair

2013 Tag Sale

2016 Polish Dinner

2016 Easter Sunday

2016 Plant Sale

2016 tag sale

2016 Fall Cleanup

2016 Nursing Home outreach

Our final outreach of the year was very special. We distributed colorful fleece blankets and shawls to 65 residents of a local nursing home. Many thanks to Pat Kell for conceiving the idea and doing the vast majority of the work. We were happy to help her tying up threads, wrapping the gifts and helping to distribute them. It was a lovely project.

2017 Plant Sale

2017 Pentecost

2017 plant sale

2017 Chicken BBQ

2017 Women's Club

2017 new sign in the center of town

Cathie and Ray Litwin donated a new sign for the center of town and Rick Marks hand-crafted the new post.

2017 Fall Cleanup

2017 Advent