O LORD, I love the house in which you dwell, and the place where your glory abides. Psalm 26:8

Our Building and Grounds ministry involves caring for our church property, including our historic church and cemetery, grounds, and rectory. Our caring involves developing and maintaining a priority list of property projects, securing estimates and bids, and making sure the work gets done and done well.

This includes (click each item for more info):

. Buildings & Grounds Committee

This committee meets each month to discuss and plan items related to the care and maintenance of our church, hall, rectory, memorial garden, parking lots, lawns, and other areas.

. Memorial Garden

St. Peter’s Memorial Garden lies on the edge of St. Peter’s Cemetery in the shadow of the church bell tower.

Please visit our Memorial Garden Page for more detailed information.

. Weekly Weeders

During the summer a wonderful band of regulars meet every Monday evening for about an hour to keep the weeds at bay. Each person attends when they can, some just once and some every single week.

. Cemetery Association / Plots

The Cemetery Sexton’s responsibilities are:

  • Coordinate (with families of the deceased) the burial plot identification and location through previously compiled records
  • Locate and determine the plot dimensions and mark them
  • Arrange for excavation of the plot
  • Mark the area and coordinate with monument supplier the exact location of the monument
  • Communicate with funeral home and family to obtain dates of birth and death
  • File certificate of burial/cremation with the Town of Hebron
  • Keep a log of burials/cremations and record locations for our Church records
  • Watch over the cemetery to clean debris and report damage or vandalism

The St. Peter’s Cemetery Association (made up of community members) meets yearly. They employ a person to keep the cemetery mowed. The treasurer accepts donations from plot owners to cover the cost. The sale of plots is handled by St. Peter’s Burial Lot Treasurer

. Seasonal Clean-up

Twice a year all members of the church are invited to a seasonal clean-up. This includes cleaning up outside around the church and the rectory, as well as cleaning inside the church itself. It’s a fun time that usually includes a small breakfast before the work begins.

. Grounds Maintenance

Taking care of our grounds includes weekly mowing during the spring, summer, and fall. Maintenance is conducted as needed.

. Maintenance Projects

. Capital Projects