For centuries souls have crossed the threshold at Saint Peters.
A chapel of elegant simplicity, white as the Dove,
enriched over ages by thoughtful prayer and community.
A sanctuary within a sanctuary, each pew holds family
or sole parishioner in repose.
Lofted Choirs interfuse with resonating pipes,
float and settle with Communicants.
The timbre of the morning sermon is enhanced by particles of light
racing through glass, coloring the pulpit.
Church bells toll. Each soul is on a unique journey,
seeking the classic refreshment of Christ.
– R Beaudoin

“Welcoming all. Serving our community. Connecting with others.”

We seek to follow the example set forth by Jesus to love one another as he loved us – in our worship, in our events, and in our lives.

We welcome all people, without exception. We strive to be a parish where each individual gives freely, feels loved, welcomed and needed; and has the opportunity to follow Christ — to learn, to grow, and to form deep and lasting friendships.

To that end, we live out our commitment to helping people in need, and we provide support, programs, and facilities for all people who come among us, helping to bring the joy, peace, and love of Jesus Christ into their lives.

Our ministries include:

  • Praising Our God
  • Caring for Each Other
  • Caring for Our Neighbors
  • Caring for Our Church Home
  • Growing as Christians
  • Making New Christian Friends
  • Enjoying Each Other
  • Spreading the News
  • Sharing Our Gifts
  • Raising Money for Ministry
  • Our Ministry of Prayer

For 175 years, the building that gave Hebron’s Church Street its name has been an inviting beacon to those seeking a house of worship and the fellowship of a Christian community. The joy of marriage, the newness of baptism, the pride of first communion, and the grief of death are all etched into this place. Through celebrations and sorrows, this unique church has stood constant, ready to receive all, as our Lord teaches us to do. We thank God for St. Peter’s: the building and the people who have brought life and shared Christ’s love within these walls.

St. Peter’s is an Episcopal Church, part of the global, national, and state Episcopal organizations, whose leadership includes:

  • The Most Reverend Justin Welby, Archbishop of Cantebury
  • The Most Reverend Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church
  • The Right Reverend Ian T. Douglas, Bishop Diocesan of Connecticut
  • The Right Reverend Laura J. Ahrens, Bishop Suffragan of Connecticut