If you are a lifelong Episcopalian or new to church, we know you may have questions about us. Here at St. Peter’s, we welcome all, as our church is inclusive of all people. 

Here are some common questions and answers…

When is the church service (Holy Communion, Mass, etc…)?

Each Sunday, we offer two services. One at  8 AM (Rite I), which lasts just under an hour. This service is contemplative (no music) and more reflective. The other service is at 10 AM (Rite II), and lasts just over an hour. It includes music (with choir). Both services includes prayer, scripture readings, a sermon, and Communion (Holy Eucharist).

What should I wear?

Wear whatever you are comfortable with. There is no formal attire required.

Where can I park?

Parking is either in the lot between the hall and church, or across the street in the larger dirt parking lot.

Is there handicap accessibility?

Handicap parking is available right next to the church. There is a ramp to easily access the front doors of the church. Communion can be brought to you at your seat in the church if desired. Just let one of the greeters know.

Where are the bathrooms?

The bathrooms are located in the church hall next to the church. Handicap access is available.

What is the church service like?

We understand that participating in a new church service may be intimidating or confusing. To that end, we have a bulletin that is handed out by our greeters (or available at the back of the church on the counter) that guides you through the entire service. It’s all you need to follow along and participate. Songs are indicated in the bulletin and found in one of 2 song books in the pews. If you want to learn more about the Episcopal Church, please read our What is the Episcopal Church page.

Are children welcome?

Of course! During the school year, we offer a church school in the hall for all children from pre-k through 8th grade. You are welcome to have your children participate in our church school, which includes a Bible story, and age appropriate activities. Children will then join their families shortly before Communion in Church. Children are also welcome for the entire church service if that is more comfortable for you/them.

Do I have to give money (the offering)?

If you are a visitor at St. Peter’s, then we welcome you as our guest! Do not feel obligated to place money in the offering. The offering is used to carry out God’s mission for our church – Supporting our staff, maintaining our buildings and grounds, and providing the resources needed to run the church.

How can I get involved?

We have many areas / groups that you may get involved in. The choir, our weekly weeders, worship, prayer, finance, outreach, fundraising, buildings and grounds, are just a few of the “ministries” we offer. Feel free to ask one of the greeters, or our priest for more information. Also be on the lookout for Alberta, who is our guide for newcomers.

Can I receive communion?

You do not have to be a part of the Episcopal Church to receive communion. Any baptized Christian may receive Communion. During Communion, you may come up to the altar rail and either kneel or stand. Generally people receive the bread / wafer in their hand. Wine is received by a common cup (chalice). You may either dip the bread / wafer in the cup, or drink from the cup. If you would like to receive a blessing instead of receiving Communion, you may come up to the altar rail and cross your hands across your chest.

Are there refreshments and food?

After each service, we have a “coffee hour” that includes snacks and refreshments (coffee, tea, juice, water) in the church hall. All are welcome to join us for a time of friendship (fellowship).

Do I have to become a formal member in order to attend services?

No, we welcome all people and visitors to our services. Becoming an official member of the church is one option as you become more involved. Another option is to become a “friend of St. Peter’s” where you are added to our email list and/or our directory. If you have questions about any of this, please talk with our priest, our parish secretary, or one of our board members (vestry members).