During the 70’s and 80’s repairs to the bell tower, the roof, the parking lot and the repainting of the interior was accomplished.  In 2001 a long-awaited equal access walkway was completed, providing the church both a visual and physical accessibility that reflects its mission.  In 1978, the Church roof was replaced, and in 1979 a Capital Funds Drive produced $37,000.  These funds were used to completely repaint the church interior and pave the parking lot.

In late 1979, the parish sponsored a Vietnamese refugee family.  They became a part of the church community and were sorely missed when they moved to California in 1981.

The interior of Phelps Hall was renovated in 1980.  The roof on the bell tower was replaced in 1982, a new carpet was given for the church in 1985 and the Rector’s office was renovated in 1986.

During these years, St. Peter’s was actively working in the community as one of the founding churches of Hebron Interfaith Human Services, which operates a local food bank and helping agency.  The parish also supports Andover-Hebron-Marlborough Youth Services, and beginning in 1983, began to sponsor a child in South America through the Christian Children’s Fund.

With the founding of Holy Family Roman Catholic Parish in 1987, St. Peter’s was able to reach out ecumenically by sharing our church building with this congregation for some of their services.  This also marked the time when the five Hebron churches began to work cooperatively in the area of human services and a strong Clergy Association was formed.

In the spring of 1990, St. Peter’s entered upon a major capital funds drive, and raised over 180,000 in pledges.  These funds were used to completely renovate the Rectory and perform major repairs on the church bell tower.

During these years, many new faces appeared at St. Peter’s and many members gave a great amount of time, effort and funds in service to their parish and their Lord.

In 2011 after a severe storm the bell tower was damaged and the roof had to be replaced and the tower repainted.  Phelps Hall had 22 old 1950s windows replaced.

2013 the stained glass windows were noticeably falling apart and a new capital campaign is underway to fix at least eight of the windows.  In 2014 we hope to restore at least four of the windows.