Through love be servants of one another…Romans 5:13

Our Pastoral Care Ministry coordinates lay pastoral activities in our parish: visiting the sick, sending cards and flowers to people who are hospitalized, coordinating meals for families in crisis, and coordinating nursing home services. This commission also is responsible for coordinating various pastoral functions such as funeral receptions, overseeing Nursing Home services and visitations, and the scheduling of our lay Eucharistic Ministers.

Services include (click any item below to learn more):

.Nursing Home Visits

Visits by our rector to local nursing homes each month.

.Prayer Shawl

Members of this committee knit shawls for parish members or their family members, that are in need of “God Hugs”.  The prayer shawls are woven to wrap snuggly around our member’s shoulder and comfort them as they go through serious medical issues, have lost a loved one or have entered Hospice.

How can you help?

  1. Call the office or get in contact with someone on this committee if you or someone you know is in need of a prayer shawl.
  2. Fill out a card located in the pews and let us know if someone might need a “God Hug”.
  3. Do you knit?????  Are you able to provide one or two shawls a year????  If so, contact Dianne Sayers and let her know!  She and her husband Tom store and deliver the shawls.

.Lay Home Communions

To visit members of St. Peter’s Church who are homebound due to illness, surgery, accidents or other circumstances and to provide comfort, prayer and communion in their homes, hospitals or care facilities.

How can you help?

  1. Contact the office or any of the members if you or someone you know would like to have a prayer visit.
  2. Consider assisting one of the Lay Persons on their visit.
  3. Sign up for the Safe Church Course when offered and become a full member of this special ministry!

.Card Ministry

Sometimes, just to open a card and see that someone has been thinking of you is all it takes to break a smile.  This very special committee wants members of St. Peter’s to know that we are thinking of them and sending prayers their way if they are sick, hospitalized, have had surgery, if they have not been able to make it to church for some reason, if they have lost a loved one, it they are celebrating the birth of a baby, or just to wish them a happy birthday.

How can you help?

  1. Contact the office or a member of this committee if you or someone you know is in need of a card.
  2. Consider donating some blank cards or stamps.
  3. Have a knack for words?  How about joining this committee and sending out a few cards a month?

.Women's Group

The St. Peter’s Women’s Club was formed to get together informally, enjoy the friendship that is offered, and care for each other. It’s a nice way for us to get to know new parishioners and for them to learn about us. We have a regular meeting on the third Monday of each month at various members’ homes. We have a short business meeting where we discuss upcoming church events and ways that we can support them. After that, the meeting is devoted to good food and conversation.

We plan special events for members such as the Paintstix party we had in the spring, a meeting where we prepared a meal together, our annual Halloween party (with costumes) and Christmas party with a Yankee Swap of ornaments, plus an occasional impromptu movie. During the summer we often sit around a fire pit under the stars and make some-mores.

The Women’s Club is one way that we employ to keep tabs on what’s happening with the members of the church. If someone has a special need where we can help, we do it. This year we prepared two lovely Blessing Baskets for members with health issues. It’s a very special way for us to support each other. The important thing is for everyone to know that they are welcome to come whenever they can. If you can come every time, that’s great. If you can only come once, that’s great, too! Please join us!