Parish Leadership

The staff and leadership at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church…

Ray Litwin

Treasurer, Vestry Member

Candace O’Shea

Parish Clerk, Vestry Member, Youth Group

Josh Ziemski


Mary Latour

Vestry Member

Judi Babin

Vestry Member, Altar Guild, Income Treasurer

Joan Churney

Vestry Member

Jack Gasper

Vestry Member, Buildings & Grounds

Allison Forrest

Vestry Member

Chris Eells

Vestry Member

Maryann Hickelton

Vestry Member

John Ostrout

Vestry Member

JoAnn Osmond


Chuck Eaton


Kathy Kniep

Facebook, Website, Women's Group, Communications

Mary Cheney

Vacation Bible School

St. Peter's 287th Annual Meeting - Sunday Jan. 31st, 11:30 am