Update: While none of us knows when the virus will come to our part of the state or when it is to peak, we do believe over the next couple of weeks it’s likely to increase.  Given the huge response to the Seder Dinner we are postponing the event to a later date once the pandemic has passed.  We have a listing of all the reservations and will be getting word out to those who have reserved a place.  We don’t have a date identified as of yet, but it would be held no sooner than late mid to late April.

The event is sold out. We do have a waiting list if you’d like to add your name to the list. Reservations are required.

We are holding a Hebron Community Passover Seder Meal at St. Peter’s Hall hosted by the United Brethren of Hebron Synagogue and cosponsored by Gilead Congregational Church, Church of the Holy Family and St. Peter’s.