COVID Memorial
Thanks to the Junior Girl Scouts Troop in Hebron there is a memorial to those who have died of COVID on the front lawn of St. Peter’s Church.  The memorial was created thanks to the Girl Scout Troop led by Michelle Nicholson who is the owner of The Flour Girl Bakery that is using our kitchen to start her business here in town.
Each of the small white flags represents 1000 people who died of the virus.  The initially installed 500 flags for the 500,000 who have died and will continue to add flags as sadly people continue to die from this illness.   In addition to remembering those lives lost we also remember the millions of family and friends who mourn their passing.
May we all be remembered that we continue to wear our masks and maintain appropriate distances so more lives are not senselessly lost to this pandemic.  The sign was made and donated by a father of one of the scouts Rick Totten.