Bereavement Support Groups

Meeting dates:
First and Third Mondays at Middlesex Hospital 5-6:30
Second Tuesday of each month at Middlesex Hospital for the loss of a child or grandchild
Second and Fourth Wednesdays at One MacDonough Place (the Hospital’s assisted living facility).

For more information:  Chaplain Dennis McCann, Hospital Chaplain (860-640-5821).

On Sunday, November 15 Middlesex Hospital Hospice and Palliative Care group will be holding their 31st Annual Service of Remembrance at 2:00 p.m. This is a non-denominational service to honor the memory of those who have died in the Hospital’s Hospice and Palliative Care Program from Oct. 1 2014-Sept. 30 2015.

What’s Happening at St. Peter’s


St. Peter’s Annual Fall Clean-up – Buildings and Grounds Committee has scheduled our Fall Clean-up for November 21st. We will meet at Phelps Hall at 8:00 a.m. for coffee and start work at 9:00.  This will include the cleanup around the church, garden, parish hall and rectory.  It is a great way to get together with fellow parishioners and work on beautifying the church grounds and have a few laughs.  We also provide fuel for your efforts with coffee and donuts/bagels.  Please come armed with your gloves, tarps, rakes.  “Many hands make light work” so the more people come, the quicker it will go.

A message from the choir loft:

CALLING ALL SINGERS!!!! The choir is looking to add some Tenors and Basses to our ranks. Sopranos and Altos are always welcome too. Any men or women that would like to sing are invited to join us Sunday mornings at the 10 am service. We meet on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 – 8:15 and Sunday mornings at 9:05 to rehearse. Anyone interested please speak to the organist (Josh Ziemski). Stop on by and lend us your voice!!!  Don’t be shy!

St. Peter’s has a new website!

Same location, great new look. The new site offers an always up to date calendar, upcoming events listed with details, news from Sue, the bulletin, the latest happenings, an updated photo gallery, and more! All with a sharp new design that looks great on a desktop computer, tablet, or smart phone.We also have a new email address at St. Peter’s which is  Please put that in your contacts folder and use it to email the office.  Although the old one will still function for the foreseeable future, it will eventually be phased out, so please begin using the new one and check your junk/spam folders to be sure emails from St. Peter’s don’t end up in the Trash.  Thanks.

Plans are unfolding for our Youth Program!

Shortly you will be hearing much about a renewed youth program to start later this month. Judi Babin, Lynn Hassouna and Father Perry are in the process of creating opportunities for youth including Sunday morning discussions, youth events and a confirmation class. Stay tuned!!!

From the Treasurer

The Vestry will soon be putting together next year’s budget. Please send your pledge cards in as soon as possible.  Thank you.


Financial Information as of October 31 , 2015
    YTD Anticipated YTD Actual Over/(Under)
Parishioner Offerings   $121,670.00 $114,176.51 ($7,493.00)
Total income from all sources*   $148,272.00 $142,908.51 ($5,363.00)
Fundraising YTD   N/A $22,553.00 N/A