updated: March 23, 2019

Spiritual, Worship, and Pastoral Care Resources

Church Resources

Episcopal Church Foundation: Resources from across the wider church and beyond. Dozens of links to many sources and much information.

Worship Links

Weekly Live-streaming Services:  The National Cathedral in Washington conducts weekly Sunday worship live.  They also upload other weekly worship services.

St. Peter’s Weekly Services (online viewing only until further notice)

Recorded worship services at St. Peter’s are best seen on YouTube and uploaded each Friday for viewing at your convenience.  If you have a smart television and watch services like Netflix or Hulu you also have access to YouTube channel in the same place.  Below is the link to these recorded complete weekly services with Father Ron during this time.

If you want to follow along in the Book of Common Prayer (BCP), you may view the BCP Online, or download the BCP (PDF). For the Hymnals being sung, you may View the Hymnal Online to sing or follow along.

Prayer Support

We at St. Peter’s have an active, caring Prayer Group who are called to raise up in prayer people who are suffering in body or mind, or are distressed for any reason.

Names can be submitted to the office by clicking HERE, by phone (860-228-3244), by email:
or by post (St. Peter’s, P.O. Box 513, Hebron CT 06248). The office may be closed due to Covid-19 (Corona) but the messages are forwarded and received remotely. The names of the people submitted for our prayers will remain confidential.

Pastoral Support

We will be identifying those in our parish in special need of ongoing phone support with our pastoral care team and  Father Ron. If you need to reach Father Ron via phone or text, his cell phone is: 860-280-8526

Outreach Opportunities

Our response can best be measured by what we do to alleviate the human suffering and need as a result of this crisis. While several folks have given ideas, we thought we’d begin with helping several community organizations providing direct services in the surrounding towns. Below are some specific needs we’ve identified where you can help. Importantly, as needs change or other groups step forward we will update this list.

1. HIHS Hebron: HIHS continues to provide various food assistance to our community. They are distributing school lunches on behalf of the town as well as maintaining relationships with their clients.Help Needed: They don’t want us to collect food on their behalf at this time. Rather, as you are shopping for yourself, think of getting a gift card for food for others and mailing it to: HIHS, 20 Pendelton Drive, Hebron, CT 06248.

2.  Colchester Food Bank: Like Hebron, Colchester is not looking for food collections, rather they are encouraging gift cards for food to help their clients. You can send them to Colchester Food Bank, Town Hall, 127 Norwich Avenue, Colchester, CT 06415.

3. Lebanon and Andover Food Banks: Closed at this time. We’ll add news with help they may need in future.

4. Marlborough Food Bank: They still are encouraging non-perishable food donations. There are two ways you can get food supplies you may be picking up when you do your shopping: We have cleaned out the containers just outside the parish hall door. You can leave bags of groceries in box for the Marlborough Food Bank. Or, you can drop off food on Mondays from 11-1 at 3 Wllenger Drive, Marlborough.

5. Columbia Food Bank: At present they have informed us they do not need any assistance. As this changes we’ll update.

6. No Freeze Shelter: We’ve supported the shelter with meals but they are suspended. They have asked for donations of hand sanitize, anti-bacterial soap, bleach, paper towels, toilet paper or cleaning products. You can bring them to church and placing them in the No Freeze shelter bin outside the parish hall door.

National, State and Local Resources

Town of Hebron: You can find various links to updates, including the emergency proclamation by our Town Manger here: https://www.hebronct.com/